Executive Portrait Oil Paintings

Dr. William Riffee

Riffy, Dr-copy of oil paintingDr. William Riffee was familiar with my work and when
he began planning for his retirement he interviewed me.
At this meeting he expressed wanting to depict some of the
innovations he helped bring about in his seventeen year

The two major accomplishments are the building of the
new pharmacy complex and the modernization of their systems to
include computers.

I created the building portrait, placed it into an imaginary frame and
hung it behind him..

I painted the building, photographed Dr. Riffee with his ipad and
Sam did his digital magic. I presented the image; had instant acceptance
of the idea! The subsequent oil painting hangs in the pharmacy school
boardroom at University of Florida.


Carolyn has a finely tuned eye for composition, pose and aesthetics. Combining this with modern techniques she has captured complex imagery with brush, paint and heart..