Executive Portrait Oil Paintings

Dr Seeger

Seeger_MG_0227I do not always have the opportunity work from an ideal image.

Dr Seeger died unexpectedly at an early age. He was a prominent neurosurgeon. His wife found an adequate head and shoulder portrait, but was disappointed that it didn’t include his hands. I suggested I could better represent his exceptional talent if she could supply me with the jacket, shirt and tie from the head and shoulder portrait, a book or periodical pertaining to his specialty, and a picture of his hands.

After an extensive search we found what we were looking for. We found appropriately posed hands in a 25 yr old wedding album . In our studio I posed a male model using Dr Seeger’s jacket and tie, and posed his hands over a book.

My husband, Sam, digitally compiled all elements making a portrait image. To everyone’s amazement it looked wonderful. The subsequent oil painting is hanging at the University of Florida.

Mrs. Seeger then commissioned me to paint a full length image of Dr Seeger in a casual stance taken on a hike, his favorite pastime.


Carolyn has a finely tuned eye for composition, pose and aesthetics. Combining this with modern techniques she has captured complex imagery with brush, paint and heart..